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The Next Level Of A Court Case – Filing An Appeal

My name is Matthew Gunn, and I am a skilled litigator who handles a variety of employment, medical malpractice, and catastrophic injury claims for those all throughout Boise and the Treasure Valley. Many cases settle before they ever go to trial. Sometimes, though, a case fails to reach a settlement and heads to trial where eventually a verdict or award is reached.

Cases sometime proceed even further and are appealed.

Understanding The Appellate Court Process

Handling a civil appeal is a complex matter. Appealing a case involves several different components, including analyzing whether an appeal can be done.

Individuals cannot simply appeal their case because they disagreed with the outcome or decision. An appeal can only be filed if there was a legal error of some kind, which means that appeals often involve the more nuanced side of the law.

I handle appeals for civil litigation matters including labor law and employment appeals, like wrongful termination or unpaid wages. I also take on commercial litigation appeals, like those involving breaches of contract. My cases that have gone up for review in front of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit:

  • O’Connor v. Cymer, 772 Fed. Appx. 602 (2019)
  • Sorenson v. City of Caldwell, 692 Fed. Appx. 832 (2017)

The Idaho Supreme Court handles most civil appeals in Idaho.

Appeals To The Idaho Supreme Court

My cases that have gone on to appeals to the Idaho Supreme Court include:

  • Hartman v. Canyon County, 170 Idaho 666 (2022)
  • Smith v. Kount, 169 Idaho 460 (2021)
  • Seward v. Musick Auction, 164 Idaho 149 (2019)

Regardless of whether you worked with an attorney on your court case previously, an appeal requires a different level of experience and skill. Let me help you.

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