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Most people with full-time jobs spend quite a bit of time working. Naturally, our jobs can and do get stressful. Workloads, project deadlines, and everything in between can add tension to our lives. But when that tension revolves around a hostile working environment due to harassment, discrimination or unfair treatment, the anxiety escalates.

My name is Matthew Gunn, and I am a seasoned litigator who takes pride in helping employees facing tough working environments.

Handling Discrimination In The Workplace

It is against both federal and Idaho state laws for employers to discriminate in the workplace. The Idaho Human Rights Commission (IHRC) is tasked with enforcing both state and federal anti-discrimination laws. It is illegal for any employer in Idaho to discriminate against an employee based on an employee’s:

  • Age (over 40 years old)
  • Gender or sexual orientation
  • Race, color, or national origin
  • Physical or mental disability

The employer cannot fire or reprimand an employee for reporting discrimination in the workplace. In addition, if an employee files a complaint with the IHRC, the employer is prohibited from taking retaliatory action against that employee for filing a claim.

Sexual Harassment And A Hostile Work Environment

Sexual harassment in the workplace falls under the umbrella of discrimination based on sex and is also prohibited under state and federal anti-discriminatory laws. Sexual harassment can encompass a lot of behaviors, including:

  • Inappropriate or sexual jokes
  • Inappropriate or sexual comments or touching
  • Quid pro quo (using sex for power)

Sexual harassment laws protect both men and women. Sexual harassment is defined not by the perpetrator’s intent but, rather, by the effect the harasser has on the victim.

Workers’ Rights And Unfair Payment Practices

An employer’s failure to deliver on a promise to pay – whether it is wages, benefits, overtime or commissions – is not fair to employees who work hard for their employer. I advocate on behalf of clients who believe that their employers are withholding wages. I have helped to recover significant monetary awards for others. I can help you.

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